Module Eio.Fs

File-system types.

Defines types used by file-systems.

module Unix_perm = File.Unix_perm

Tranditional Unix permissions.

type path = string
type error =
| Already_exists of Exn.Backend.t
| Not_found of Exn.Backend.t
| Permission_denied of Exn.Backend.t
| File_too_large
type Exn.err +=
| E of error
val err : error -> exn
type create = [
| `Never(*

fail if the named file doesn't exist

| `If_missing of File.Unix_perm.t(*

create if file doesn't already exist

| `Or_truncate of File.Unix_perm.t(*

any existing file is truncated to zero length

| `Exclusive of File.Unix_perm.t(*

always create; fail if the file already exists


When to create a new file.

If a new file is created, the given permissions are used for it.

class virtual dir : object ... end

Note: use the functions in Path to access directories.

class virtual dir_with_close : object ... end