Module Backoff

Randomized exponential backoff mechanism.

type t

Type of backoff values.

val max_wait_log : int

Logarithm of the maximum allowed value for wait.

val create : ?lower_wait_log:int -> ?upper_wait_log:int -> unit -> t

create creates a backoff value. upper_wait_log, lower_wait_log override the logarithmic upper and lower bound on the number of spins executed by once.

val default : t

default is equivalent to create ().

val once : t -> t

once b executes one random wait and returns a new backoff with logarithm of the current maximum value incremented unless it is already at upper_wait_log of b.

Note that this uses the default Stdlib Random per-domain generator.

val reset : t -> t

reset b returns a backoff equivalent to b except with current value set to the lower_wait_log of b.

val get_wait_log : t -> int

get_wait_log b returns logarithm of the maximum value of wait for next once.